Stage One Fairfield Theatre

Jonathan Edwards and Jon Pousette-Dart


Rustic Jonathan Edwards typified the young, folkie troubadours of the early ’70s. It’s fair to say that Jonathan Edwards’ claim to fame as a recording artist rests upon “Sunshine,” the hit tune found on his 1971 debut album. But this feisty number — a personal declaration of independence set to a ringing acoustic guitar line — isn’t the only highlight in his body of work.

His music is unpretentious folk-pop, with touches of bluegrass and old-time country that give it regional flavor. Edwards’ light, slightly drawling tenor and poetic lyric sensibility make his music easy to like and often hard to forget.

Jon Pousette-Dart was one of the busiest acts of the 70’s working with bands like Little Feat, The Eagles, Randy Newman, and even the now legendary Frampton Comes Alive tour. He’s never stop playing and never stopped writing. 2014 will see the release of “Talk,” his tenth album.