SubCulture New York

Join Jon Pousette-Dart at Subculture New York

Saturday, November 22nd in NYC!

Tickets are moving fast for this one, reserve yours HERE!


About Subculture New York:

“We love music. That’s where it all started. We believe that listening to a live performance can be a transcendent experience, which is why we created a venue to foster the most direct connection between artists and audiences. We obsess over the details, great and small, because we want our guests to feel the way we do when we’re immersed in a performance: moved…provoked…inspired. And this obsession to “get it right” extends to everything we do, from the performing arts to private events, and everything in between.

We wanted to create the ultimate listening room, which put the focus on the artists and their craft, but also had a relaxed, downtown energy. The result is an intimate, underground space, bathed in evocative light, that conjures up more jewel box than black box — a home-away-from-home for those who love art in all its many facets.

Immersed in color. Cradled in sound. Built for musical nirvana.”

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