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JPD Singles Series – “Stand By Me”

Welcome to the all-new JPD Singles Series!
A brand new unreleased track will be posted every month. Check back next month for more new music!

“Stand By Me”

Ok, for June I’m heading back to the twilight zone. That would be the place when elements surrounding you arrange themselves to create a certain chemistry.. They surely only happen in fleeting moments.  I remember this particular moment at the old Hit Factory in NYC. We were cutting Album 3, James Taylor was across the street at A&R cutting JT, By that time we had a long history with all the Taylors, Liv and I being managed by Don Law for what was almost a decade for me. I asked Arnold McCuller and David Lasley to come over and grace our sessions. They accepted in between James sessions. We were all honored to have 2 of the greatest singers to ever grace anyones band.This was our homage to the great Ben E. King.”