Better Man – Jon Pousette-Dart

Better Man

So in the mid-eighties I was starting to do session work around NYC. At one session at Hip Pocket, I met Tony Smythe who had a production house downtown. We hit it off and he invited me down to his studio and I began to sing and write for him, with a very talented crew of folks in his stable. Frankie Vinci, Peppy Castro, Lynn Ahrens, Steve Benderoth, Bob Christiansen, Craig Bishop, Peter Greco, Tony Van Hoorn, and John Van Epps. A great crew of people. I wrote a bunch of songs in that period and went in and cut some of them with Tommy West helping me produce them at Smythe & Co.

This track seems more pertinent now in some ways than it did then. Cut it with Michael Dawe, Mark Egan, and Bob Christiansen on keys. I played all the guitars. I just happened to open a folder and there this track was. It wants to say hello.