Merci Buckets – Jon Pousette-Dart

Well I’ll be damned, we made it to 2019.

A new number and a new year that I’m keeping my eye on wherever I find the bright side. Hope that side of fortune decides to smile on all of us..

As the world turns, I am lucky to have 7 grandkids that give me an education whenever I see them. Three of them speak English, Spanish, and French as their poppa is Peruvian, they’re momma is a stone clad New Yorker, and my wife Dawn who taught French is teaching them that from the ground up. They speak more than I do.

Dawn was teaching one of the sassy little characters Manuela French, and taught her the expression “Merci Beaucoup” to which she responded, “No, you mean Merci Buckets”
I couldn’t let that go by..

So here is “Merci Buckets”, which I did here at my studio with some help from old friend John McCurry and Sarah Schmidt on electric guitars and vocals. Was fortunate to have Ben Wisch place his talented touch on the mix.

Hope you enjoy it. It is my favorite song to play at the moment.
More to come.
May there be many bright moments for all.
Merci Buckets…