Prove That By Me – Jon Pousette-Dart

Okay, so we’re jumping around here in time. But that’s what I always do anyway.

While I usually write most of my material, I love choosing other writers songs that I feel close to. So in 2015, Mark Meckel from SESAC sent Bil VornDick and I, Maia Sharp’s version of the song her father Randy Sharp and John Wesley Routh wrote. It was once again one of the songs that invariably didn’t make it into final release, but I love the song, and loved Maia’s version.

So we cut it at Ronnie’s Place on Music Row with the rest of the album.

It has Reggie Young (electric guitar), Bruce Dees (electric guitar), Pete Huttlinger (acoustic guitar), David Hungate (bass), Lynn Williams (drums), Dan Dugmore (pedal steel), Clayton Ivey (keyboard) and the magnificent Jonell Mosser doing harmonies with me.

Pretty much like sitting on a cloud in heaven with a bunch of heavy hitters. Hope you enjoy it.