Someday – Jon Pousette-Dart


2019 is here and looking forward to the spring and whatever the future holds for all of us. Looking back to 2016, when this was recorded, it was hard for a lot of us in the musical community in NYC because losing Jeff Golub. He was a close friend going back to the Boston years where PDB and a slew of other close friends created their seminal work. It took awhile for me to process it all after his memorial and benefit thrown at BB King’s. Overwhelming might be one way to say it.

I took my collection of thoughts and feelings and met up with Brian Wright from Waco, Texas, and we wrote this in Nashville. I think it captured my feelings. After doing the initial track myself I was fortunate to have Sammy Merondino generously put his soulful feel on drums into it, and John McCurry and Sarah Schmidt, added some beautiful guitars and vocals to the track.

I hope it reaches those of you who have lost someone dear to your heart. It’s getting to be far too many. what else is there? A song for Jeff this time around..