July 24, 2015 Jon Pousette-Dart released his tenth record entitled “TALK.

Produced by Nashville’s legendary producer Bil VornDick (Alison Krauss, Bela Fleck, New Grass Revival.) The relationship was meant to be, as it has created his strongest release to date.  “The heart and soul of the players from Memphis, Muscle Shoals and Nashville that make up this record made it a very special moment in time for me.” says Pousette-Dart. The highly anticipated upcoming release, “TALK,” highlights musicians Reggie Young (Elvis, Eric Clapton), Dan Dugmore (Linda Ronstadt, James Taylor), Clayton Ivey (James Brown, Bobby Womack), Glenn Worf (Mark Knopfler, Bob Seeger). Jonnell Mosser, Bekka Bramlett and bluegrass queen Rhonda Vincent have duets on the record, and features songs Jon wrote with John Oates, Gary Nicholson, Fred Knobloch, Angela Kaset, Sally Barris and Kostas. “I am extremely fortunate to be in this rollercoaster business after all these years. I hope the tracks stand the test of time.”

Jon had wanted to revisit the aura of his earliest years at Quadraphonic Studios when the core members of “Area Code 615” were onboard to grace the tracks of the original albums, along with original band members John Troy and John Curtis. “I knew the first moment I walked in on the tail of the timeless Drift Away sessions with Dobie Gray, I was in the right place, at Quad in Tennessee, with Norbert and his deep bench of players.

Move ahead from 1974 to 2019, and the circle is complete.

“The very first time I sat down with Bil, I knew I had met my perfect collaborator. He understood with no words spoken from the start who I was and what I was trying to get to, and was instrumental in helping me assemble the right songs with the perfect players, and capture the best performances from that special group. The heart and soul of the players from Memphis, Muscle Shoals and Nashville that make up this record made it a very special moment in time for me.”

The Pousette-Dart Band, led by Jon Pousette-Dart carved a place in the landscape of American music in the 1970’s. They were a mainstay of album radio, a favorite on the college circuit, and became one of the busiest touring groups in the US working with such acts as The Byrds, Bonnie Raitt, Little Feat, The Eagles, James Taylor, The J. Geils Band, Eddie Money, Manfred Mann, Jonathan Edwards, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Emmylou Harris, Gary Wright, Robert Palmer, Randy Newman, Journey, Billy Joel, NRBQ, and many more including the now famous Frampton Comes Alive tour, and the progressive Yes Fragile tour – playing arenas from Coast to Coast.

While the original group dis-banded in the early 80’s, Jon kept performing with original drummer Eric Parker and continued writing and producing into the 90’s, when he returned to Nashville to begin recording again on his own. He’s turned out five solo albums including 2015’s “TALK”, a cohesive selection of his best songs to date. He has co-written with some of the finest writers in the country including Darrell Scott, Gary Nicholson, Jaime Kyle, John Bohlinger, Angelo, Sally Barris and Angela Kaset. Jon is currently touring solo, duo and with his highly entertaining band featuring Steve Roues on bass and harmony vocals, Eric Parker (Joe Cocker, Mick Taylor) on drums, and Jim Chapdelaine (Al Anderson, Phoebe Snow) on guitar/vocals, who co-produced several of Jon’s records.

Jon’s continued writing and travels have kept him engaged in Nashville where the original bands first albums were recorded with Norbert Putnam. He has continued performing nationally and writing steadily with many of the finest writers that embody the best of the American music scene.

What The Press Is Saying…


  • This [is an] excellent solo album... a delicate and spare, haunted and haunting work of bittersweet southern r&b, forlorn folk-ish soft-rock and ragged country-soul. The studio band sounds like it just stepped out of Muscle Shoals. The production (Bil VornDick) is especially effective. The songs are very personal in their genesis, yet universal in appeal, dealing with love lost and found, as well as the joys of life, itself. Pousette-Dart’s gift is his ability to bring the listener into his world. There’s at once an inherent familiarity and lived-in vibe with TALK—his most personal album to date.  Timeless is a good word for it. After more than four decades of music making, Jon Pousette-Dart’s work remains every bit as adventurous and inspired as ever. With this album he has found a new focus to his sound—a looseness that always stays sharp, never loses the root of his work and ultimately reveals new layers in his inimitable style.

    Alan Cackett
  • One of the nearly forgotten heroes of the northeastern folk rock scene, once so prevalent in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s, Jon Pousette-Dart mined the same musical environs as America, Poco, Crosby Stills & Nash, Orleans and other college campus favorites of that once gilded era.  Nevertheless, the group left behind a series of stunning albums they recorded for Capitol Records, many of which remain hidden classics to this day. Pousette-Dart himself continues to persevere under his own aegis, thanks to a succession of solo outings that still stay true to that original soft rock pastiche. Talk, his latest, is no exception: a collection of unhurried, unassuming songs that effortlessly adhere to that easy, breezy motif. There are many a number of outstanding offerings...Suffice to say, the connection between past and present has never sounded so seamless...Although Talk is an unassuming effort compared to a lot of the music that passes for pop these days, its honesty and enthusiasm breathes new vitality into a sound, seemingly abandoned by the musical mainstream. In a very real sense, this Talk speaks volumes.

    Elmore Magazine
  • Jon Pousette-Dart still has a voice and uses it to full effect, helped along by an outstanding group of session men and three wonderful female vocalists with whom to duel--- Bekka Bramlett, Rhonda Vincent, and Jonnell Mosser--- voices which fit his like a glove.  There is that soulfulness ...and there is a sound--- a very pleasant sound--- thanks partially to Bil VornDick... If this world of music was not in such chaos, this album would have a good chance. It may have, anyway. It is good enough, that's for sure. And it deserves a chance.

    Indie Musicology
  • Pousette-Dart remains in great voice and he lures listeners right in ... it’s a first-rate addition to the Pousette-Dart discography.

    Jeffrey Sisk
  • A very solid folk-rock/Americana set with a J.J. Cale feel, any real Americana fan would be pleased to have this in rotation on the car stereo. Well done.

    Midwest Record
  • Pousette-Dart’s remarkable career is graced by instantly engaging melodies that aptly define the many facets of his expressive outreach

    No Depression
  • a gilded tenor and a smooth hand on the guitar…confident, not arrogant. P-D’s maintained a loyal following throughout the years, still tours regularly…and has plenty of fuel in the tank

    Mix Magazine
  • Passion, intellect and musicality.

    Vintage Guitar Magazine
  • Pousette-Dart’s compositions brim with optimism, introspection, and subtle grace.

    Performing Songwriter
  • How great it was to hear you guys play Saturday night. A real treat, and a great reminder of how consistent, interesting, and timeless your music is. Not to mention it's just really good to listen to... thanks for your music…

    Maggie Hassan, New Hampshire Governor
  • The missing link between The Byrds and Vince Gill, a folk rock legend.

  • A classic.

    Lefsetz Letter