American Classic and Folk Rock Music

A little bit of time has passed between when Jon Pousette-Dart as a teenager started forging a path in the musical landscape that started in the 60’s and laid a foundation with the original Pousette-Dart Band. Throughout the 70’s and into the 80’s the band earned a loyal national following and produced 5 releases for Capitol that made a deep imprint in the world of album radio, when we all used to only listen to vinyl. When the band parted ways, Jon continued working and slowly began navigating back to where he started writing and recording in earnest with many of Nashville’s finest, and some twenty odd years ago Jon crossed paths with Jim Chapdelaine one of the more formidable musicians he crossed paths with. Jon continued touring as their musical collaboration continued to brew into a satisfying vital musical landscape of it’s own.

Turn the clock ahead some years and a few questions might be asked.

What do two left handed guitar players and the combined experience of rummaging around the music business since the early 1970’s equal?

It could equal a squalid path of broken dreams, less than half paid mortgages, multiple marriages, many junked cars, and closets full of suitcases of clothes with the indelible after scent of Marlboro’s and Budweiser’s ground into the sinews of years in dark dressing rooms contained in gin joints where the holy grail and graduation degree was 5 sets a night till closing time.

The scattered joy in producing moments of pure musical ecstasy, intermingled with financial panic and steady diet of sleepless nights in Holiday Inn’s crisscrossing America’s heartland. Or in this case, leading to two kindred souls who by fate and good fortune discovered they could weave musical tapestry that spoke to all those that heard without a word being said between them.

And so it came to be.

Monsignor Pousette-Dart and Senor Chapdelaine discovered they shared a gift both in the studio and on the stage that rose above the hum drum drudgery of day to day existence, and were able to reach into people’s souls and pull out pieces of magic that created joy and fresh air, no matter which roads or towns their journeys took them.

And now as fate would have it, they have a renewed passion and vigor to explore the world of flats, sharps, repeats, words and crescendos to make small babies smile and precious mothers relax into their easy chairs and remember all the good that the world holds.

Men too.

So, no matter your predilections, or worries or concerns in your everyday life, consider taking a moment to breath, and buy a ticket when they come to your town.

It’s something to seriously consider to see and hear where little pieces of joy come to life.