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Highly Anticipated “TALK” has been released!

Talk album cover

Jon Pousette Dart’s newest release, “TALK” has been released today, Friday July 24th on Sony/Red. The effort marks Jon’s 10th album, and is his strongest release to date.

“I want to tell stories that reflect ideals that don’t just go and change with the moment,” Pousette-Dart explains. “I am extremely fortunate to be in this rollercoaster business after all these years. I hope these tracks stand the test of time.”

The studio band comprising Reggie Young and Bruce Dees (electric guitars), Dan Dugmore (pedal steel), Clayton Ivey (keyboards), Glenn Worf or David Hungate (bass), Greg Morrow or Lynn Williams (drums), Pete Huttlinger (acoustic guitar, mandolin) and Pousette-Dart (acoustic and electric slide guitar) sounds like it just stepped out of Muscle Shoals. The production is especially effective with a more live sound that makes the drums, guitars (especially the pedal steel) and piano sound as if they are only a few feet away from the listener. The songs, mainly co-penned by Pousette-Dart with such Music Row writers as Kostas, Angela Kaset, Gary Nicholson, Sally Barris and Fred Knobloch, are very personal in their genesis, yet universal in appeal, dealing with love lost and found, as well as the joys of life, itself. Pousette-Dart’s gift is his ability to bring the listener into his world. There’s at once an inherent familiarity and lived-in vibe with TALK—his most personal album to date. Timeless is a good word for it. If you shuffle the tracks and close your eyes, you might find yourself somewhere else. At another time, in a different town, in a bar, listening to an unknown singer and his band, whose voices are at once, both fleeting and familiar. The songs fit under the wide genre of Americana in general, and pull from the traditions of contemporary folk, singer-songwriter, country, and R&B in particular. It’s all there in the restlessness of “How Much,” a co-write with Gary Nicholson that’s built on a solid groove enhanced by the gospel-styled call-and-response vocals of the underrated Jonell Mosser.

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